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What’s your Positive Opposite?

October 5, 2015 0 Comments

In most of my yoga classes, I introduce the idea of setting an intention for your day or your time on the mat as a balancing act, or an act of bringing balance into your life.  I invite students to quiet themselves with a few deep, grounding breathes and then to bring their awareness to the top of their heads and begin a body scan, from head to toe to gain an overall sense of how they are doing or feeling?  If they are experiencing any annoyance, discomfort, pain, frustration, etc; then they are instructed to look for the  “Positive Opposite” to set their intention.

I may have come into class having had an argument with a co-worker or loved one and am steeped in anger or defeat… Some days, my positive opposite may be just needing to laugh really hard as a way to be reminded not to take myself or others too seriously.  Other times, that same type of argument, brought up a similar emotional state but required instead the need for “peace and quiet”.  The beauty of balance, is that it doesn’t require an issue to be solved, especially if that issue requires two parties to fix it thru agreement.  But what Balance does provide, is a different energy with which to approach that same problem and further more, with an invitation of exactly what is most needed to assist your part of the equation.

We’ve all been there…  Once you have identified your “positive opposite” it is good to marry it with your breath.

  • First deep breath invites that intention into your thoughts. As a result, you may have more peaceful thoughts, for example.
  • Second breath invites it into your emotions, allowing you to experience your guiding thoughts for peace and quiet.
  • Third breath invites that intention into your physical body, which usually triggers muscles to relax or soften, and tells the nervous system to release the stress cycle and even further it may be the statement that gives you permission to step out for a moment, physically out of the space of contention in order to more fully appreciate what you need most right now. . . peace and quiet.

This practice can also be used to help further expand your positive experiences too!  If you came in feeling great, then what intention can you invite into your day to help further your personal or work goals?

Identify it, invite it, breathe it in and embody your POSITIVE OPPOSITE!

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