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October 4, 2015 0 Comments

I walk through the aisles and choose what foods, toiletries, clothing, etc; I need and yet somehow I think God can’t fill my personal orders???  Do we understand how silly this is?

It’s a Friday night, the end of your work week and you are exhausted ready to snuggle in with a movie and a fluffy blanket.  But to make your evening and self-care just right you are preparing a special meal or treat that would just make the world “right”.  . . only to discover you are missing a very specific ingredient or desired food!   ARGGghhh!   So how does this story usually play out for you?

  1. You couldn’t even figure out WHAT it was you were craving, but you know you could really use something?  Hmmmm???  But you are too tired just trying to figure it out so you give up.
  2. You know exactly what you want, but you are already entertaining the struggle of whether or not it is worth the money, worth the effort or should you just suck it up and settle for something at home.
  3. You know exactly what you want, but are too lazy to go get it … and then carry on about how nothing ever goes your way, how no one is ever there when you need them, and if people would only wake up to how amazing you are, they would just know what you needed and give it to you! Yadda  yadda . . .
  4. You send a loved one (poor innocent victim) to the store to hunt down what you need expecting they will magically figure out what you could not … and we are often disappointed in their choices (Am I right? I’m right aren’t I?)

Hopefully, you can giggle at the reality of some of these scenarios and relate to one or a few.  Now what if we played out this same scenario but instead of a snack or meal we are struggling to find satisfaction in a relationship, our career/work, or meeting our basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter and feeling content with what we have.   There are a lot of possible root issues or necessary changes trying to surface from your inner-wisdom and telling you something is a-miss or out of balance.  I would venture to guess that one of the above choices or perhaps one not mentioned here, could potentially reveal something about yourself?  About how you relate with others?  About your decision making?  What are the outcomes like?  If they aren’t a win/win for all involved, what needs to adjust in order to make it a success for all involved?

I try to remind myself, the Creator/Creation has much deeper pockets, wider reach, and far more connections that I could ever imagine!

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