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Stuck? 5 Spiritual Practices to get you moving again!

Transition or Change comes in many forms and can be experienced in many categories of one’s life; the loss of a loved one, a new job/career, recent separation, or a new move.   Luckily, your search for help has brought you here!  Many of these major Transitions in life hit on the top 5 most stressful events one can experience in life.  If you happen to be experiencing more than one of these stressful changes, then it’s no wonder you may feel like a chicken with your head cut off or completely disjointed.

 These 5 Spiritual practices can aid you through Transition

and may even shed some light on what seems to be blocking you.

  1.  Get Grounded or Centered:  While we are in the midst of change we are in need of people, places, things and activities that are a “constant” in our lives.  If you don’t have one, then create one.  Walking is very grounding!  Any single-pointed, focused activity such as drawing, knitting, playing darts or ping-pong, cooking or practicing an instrument are excellent ways to get you out of your head space and back down to earth.  You can’t chop wood AND go over your To Do lists at the same time. .. that’s just a bad idea.  Avoid Video games and T.V. if you are suffering major stress symptoms due to your transitioning as they only amplify the stress cycle:  especially before bedtime.

2.     Breathe!  Breath is a marker for one of our “VITAL“signs that doctors, nurses, and EMT’s will use to ascertain whether a person is alive or dead or how “critical” their condition may be. . . But we very rarely listen to this vital as a marker of our general health or well being, both physically and emotionally.   Running 5K is good, obviously, but do you maintain that same healthy deep steady breath when you are at work or dealing with family?

  •      Many Eastern practices of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga, and Martial Arts recognize the value of harnessing one’s breath for various reasons.  To calm the senses, or heighten others, to redirect our energies or maintain focus.  The Karate kid practiced “paint the fence” and “wax on, wax off” without realizing it’s value until mister Miagi related his work to the art of Karate’.  It was the intention of “self-defense” that shifted the purpose and use of his breath and movement.

3.   Forgiveness the key to freedom:  when we are in the midst of change we are not our usual selves… we are generally our most stressed out, freaked out, fearful selves because everything is different.  If “old” issues creep up in your thoughts and actions while you are in the midst of transition, then you may not have discovered the root, yet.  However, we need to be forgiving of ourselves as we struggle through these changes and know that most people do not hurt other people’s feelings out of malice.  People hurt other people’s feelings because they are hurting, themselves or have poked an open wound of yours.   Forgive them, and forgive yourself.  When this is particularly difficult for you, start with the prayer, mantra

“I want, to want to forgive ____________.”

 4.   Get Creative!  Get coloring, painting, writing, watching Sci Fi movies, read children’s books, play “imagine“ with your kids…or someone else’s kids ( within good reason 😉  anything that expands your mind beyond what you see with your two eye-balls.  Let’s face it, they don’t see so far!  You wanna stay stuck?…  Just keep looking at the same old crap day after day…metaphorically or literally.   It is our creativity that fuels hope and new possibilities.  We don’t always credit the Arts for cutting right to the heart of a matter but how quickly just the right song, poem, or piece of art can awaken a well of emotions and memories.  Just give into it and go with the flow.   Art Therapy, baby!

5.  Talk it out:  I myself am not a Catholic, however, I appreciate the idea of “confession”.  To pronounce how I actually feel, what my inner-most thoughts, sins, desires or concerns are to another human being is freeing!   There is something to be said about speaking to someone outside of your normal circle of friends, family, acquaintances that provides enough anonymity to really address the authentic core of who we are and where we want to be.  If you don’t know of someone, give me a try, I’d love to help you! and if not me, cuz this felt like a total plug for my business, which this little bit is and it just disgusts you, I get it. . . just talk to someone!

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