Tailored: Custom – made

Every creature on the planet is custom-made.  Born out of different cultures, principles, experiences, landscapes, customs and beliefs.  So when we invite Spirit into the middle of things, that Divine Wisdom, is the only thing that knows you 100%:  All the struggles, successes, fears and dreams…all of YOU.

When you work with me, you will come to be familiar with the statement “ALL things considered, what is most optimal for _____ (insert your name) in order to move forward, right now?”  It is this last part of the question “right now” that will save you a helluvah’ lot of time.  What you ask for in detail, you will receive in detailHowever, there is a caveat.  Your subconscious or emotional self may be blocking what your intellectual or “higher self” is seeking and that’s where I come in to help.

So why not approach your life the same way you might approach getting a tailor-made suit or dress?  Before you can submit your order, there are questions to be pondered, weighed and answered.

Think for a moment… How much money, time and energy do you spend trying to navigate your life, work, or relationships without details or too much indecision? While you may be new to this whole details business, I am very practiced at asking specifically on your behalf.  I am also very practiced at listening specifically on your behalf. . . listening through your ego, your fears, your self-imposed limitations, your walls and your RESISTANCE because I know through all that, is a remarkable human being with a specific purpose and calling to contribute to the betterment of the planet.

I would love to help you create or cultivate whatever you need most, right now!



"Awaken and engage YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF with clarity and courageous action!"