“I have had the privilege of being coached by Carrie Wood for the last 12 months. I’ve been involved with coaching for over 10 years and can honestly say Carrie is the most unique coach I’ve worked with. Her intuition, perception and guidance are simply phenomenal. The energy she presents and maintains in the coaching space truly allows you to let go, open up and get to the core of whatever the opportunity is in that coaching session. Carrie helped me clear out so much stuff that I had no idea was present and impeding me. If you are ready to experience more and take your journey to the next level, I highly recommend experiencing coaching with Carrie.”

-Mark Semple CCC
successfultogethercoaching:  Bellarose, NY.


“Carrie recently helped me break through strong limiting beliefs I held around money and income. I have noticed a drastic change in my own beliefs and thoughts regarding my value and worth. I highly recommend Carrie!”

-Elysia Orrange :  Wyoming, ON.


“The coaching I received from Carrie is absolutely priceless!  She is an amazing woman, coach and intuitive and I am a better person for having been able to work with her. My goal is to be as successful a coach as she is and really help my clients transform their lives.  She is kind, loving, compassionate and tough all at the same time, and I appreciate it all!”

-D. Ridenour

 Finance Manager: Salem, OR.


“If you are considering, perhaps for the first time, an alternative energy-based method of healing, I highly recommend working with Carrie. She has a very calm and reassuring manner during a session that allows you to really open up and let the real issue reveal itself. The combination of her training in Yoga, Reiki and Ripple Magic Coaching is extremely effective at shifting obstacles in your life. I experienced immediate positive changes to old stagnant situations that I believed were stuck. This happened on more than one occasion. I am very grateful for her natural gifts and talent to gain clarity and heal.”

-Terri G.

Sales VP: New Jersey


Carrie has been truly instrumental in helping me shift thought patterns of what I thought I knew to be true to actually helping me figure out and re-define what Truth is for me. Specifically, in my transition towards embodying my True Self and using my gifts, but we also spent quite a bit of time working on my relationships with loved ones and with money. Through it all, Carrie brings an upbeat, bubbly energy to our sessions with a special knack of often honing in on specific past lives to get to the root of said old beliefs, acknowledging the lesson, and then holding incredible amounts of space as the story is let go and the healing begins. Really, Carrie is amazing and it’s been such a pleasure and honor working with her.

-Melissa Valdellon

San Fransisco, CA.





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