Heart 2 Heart : Intuitive Session

One of the most calming phrases you may need to hear right now is,

” Let’s have that Heart to Heart I promised you.”

When I have heard this phrase, immediately, I felt loved, safe and like I was the most important thing to someone for an hour or two. . . and I was! It’s a wonderful thing to have someone listen to you, call you out on your crap, encourage you to look at your expectations and disappointments, realistically, and somehow repackage it all in such a way that you can breathe again and understand things from a different perspective.  Other times, we just hunger to connect with that something bigger than ourselves, that knows us, loves us unconditionally and is always striving to guide us to better things. . . and not just for me, but for EVERYONE!  

This last part is especially important for those of us who hold positions of leadership, are in the public eye, and are greatly aware of our influence.  You know when you have eyes upon you and your every move.  It takes great diligence to guide others and make decisions without the influence of surrounding pressures or limiting fears both from within and without.  It is encouraging to have someone in your corner, to help you connect to Source and get you centered again.

My intention, always, is to help you connect with Spirit, so you can better connect with yourself, your purpose, your dreams and your people.

A Heart 2 Heart with me will:

• Relieve or break your current state of stress

• Get to the heart of the matter at hand and assist in removing any mental/emotional blocks where possible p/m

• Encourage connection to your highest self and in greater alignment with the Divine

• Gain clarity on what action you can take to help you move forward

You'll be amazed how inviting Spirit into the middle of things, opens up a wealth of resources to you!


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"Awaken and engage YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF with clarity and courageous action!"