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“In times of change, learners inherit the earth,

while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped

to deal with a world that no longer exists.”

– Eric Hoffer


This quote illustrates for me, that the ability to adapt can be crucial to one’s own happiness and sense of well-being.  This is true in all areas of our life. So what is constant?  Anything? yep. Change is constant.  And I gotta tell ya, most of the mental, emotional and physical pain we experience in life exists because there is a part of us clinging to something that is no more.  The right man/woman, the promotion I should have gotten, the life that could’ve been if I just didn’t…

Like the mouse on the wheel you may recognize a whole world out there, outside of the mouse cage, and you can see right to it, but feel blocked by some force field (or glass, if you’re a mouse).  You can sense something better for yourself, but it feels just outside of your reach…and it SUCKS!!!

I have found that when I experience this state of being, that it is time for me to explore, learn or try something new.  Are you ready to learn or experience something new?  Have you just been aching in your bones for change?  Tools to help you navigate life with greater ease?  Are you desirous of helping yourself heal and are willing to be still? Still with your thoughts, your issues, your desires, your fears?  Because that is what it takes, my friend, to heal, dream, make plans and just get on with it!

And guess what?  I am here to help you through this process of releasing old habits, cycles, and beliefs that keep blocking you from moving forward to the authentic, shinier, happier you that I know is in there!

So you may ask yourself, “then what am I paying you for, knucklehead?”

Well, my job is to use my intuitive guidance and spiritual coaching tools to uncover the root issues wreaking havoc in your life.  However, I cannot climb into your body, mind, and soul to force you to let go, release, embrace, ponder, or heal; that is your part of the journey, though, I have been told I can be pretty charming and persuasive.

The Universe/God/Divine is limitless except for the limits WE keep in place or have not discovered yet.  This is also, precisely why I work with the Creator.  It is because of this understanding, that I am constantly doing this work on myself, so that I may continue to be a clearer, less encumbered vessel for the Divine to work through. Culturally we speak a lot about the Mind, Body, Spirit connection but rarely do we really take the time to unpack it all.  My background in speech and communications laid the foundation for me to approach healing through the lens of communication and basically, I have come to understand that one’s heart, mind and body are not always in agreement.  In fact: they have been known to kick the shift outta each other and while it is good not to take ourselves too seriously, there are times when it is necessary to get still, calm and hold sacred space and honour some of the very real deep issues that arise to be released. When you journey with me and allow Spirit into the middle of things a wealth of resources open up to you.  It is truly AH-MAZING!

Please feel free to call with any further questions.  I look forward to hearing from you!




I’m talking to you, yeah YOU!  Leaders, emerging leaders, healers and change-agents!  The one with the giant heart, a sound mind, chosen words and a gift for weaving people, concepts and possibilities together…. Yeah, you are the one I’m talking to.  YOU are the one I’ve been looking for!  . . . or is it the other way around? . . .    I’m the one you’re looking for!  I’m here to support YOU, to listen to YOU, to inspire YOU, to help YOU get free and expand YOU and your horizons and visionary work and do so more efficiently.  Ahhh, music to your ears, right?  Efficiency. ..Yummmm.

Efficient = less time & energy expended for equal or better results

I salivate just writing that.  And here’s the deal, when you release limiting beliefs, harboured resentments, and address the root issues holding you back, YOU become more efficient!  You are less driven by reactive thoughts and emotions and become attuned to proactive, life giving inspiration and energy.  Now, that’s the Spirit!  Garbage out equals more room for awesomeness to come in!

I want you to accomplish your work, your relationships and your dreams free from mounting pressures and heavy expectations. You probably believe (just as I did) that the high standards or expectations, and external pressures & deadlines made you who you are and got you where you wanted to be. In some ways, you would be correct, but at what cost?  There is nothing wrong with goal-driven deadlines, unless they are the self-imposed kind that leave you drowning in toxic emotions.  There is nothing wrong with exceptional standards, unless they are driven by an unachievable pursuit for perfection. Don’t get stuck, let me help.

Like many people who guide or direct others as a part of their career or passionate endeavours, the focus is rarely on you.  You may have already noticed a theme here. . . working with me puts the concern, care and focus on YOU!  That’s what a good coach does though.  They call you out of the game in order to rest, refuel, and refocus and then put you back in the game feeling loads of encouragement and support with greater confidence in who you are and what you are capable of being and creating in the world.

If you are ready for this part of your journey, then let’s get started!

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