Intuitive: Someone having the ability to know/understand things without any proof or evidence.    Plato poetically defined   Intuition as “a fundamental capacity of human reason to comprehend the true nature of reality.” He describes intuition as a pre-existing knowledge residing in the, “soul of eternity.”

I believe intuition is another sense organ, like hearing, seeing, tasting or smelling… that 6th sense of experiencing that which is unseen by the naked eye.  We all have it and we can all develop it.  I believe science is beginning to prove spirituality or this sense through noetic sciences, the sciences of energy, quantum physics, HeartMath, etc. When this gift is exhibited some call this psychic ability, prophetic gifting, clairvoyance, spiritual discernment, symbolic sight; etc. We are all intuitive by nature.

Some call me an Intuitive and all that means is, I came into this world with this natural ability toward this 6th sense just as you may have come in with a natural athletic, leadership, artistic or mathematical abilities.  Others call me a Healer and all that means is I have a passion to help others heal and believe that I am a vessel for the Divine to work through… and so it is!

I am eternally grateful though, to my wonderful parents, teachers, healers and mentors who provided me the room to explore and fail with a lot of practice and encouragement throughout my life.  I am equally grateful to those whom I once called my enemies, because if some of them had not fired me, rejected me, or weeded me out I might never have honoured my purest call, to be my authentic self. . . they too, nudged me back to my truth.

Your calling is probably different from mine, and you have explored, failed, and practiced different skills, wisdoms and disciplines and I just want to help you be your most authentic, bestest self with the help of my authentic bestest self.  It’s just more fun this way!

We are creatures intended for community and despite what many may think, WE ARE ALL CONNECTED.  I am here to help you heal and stand in your power.  Plain and simple.  When you stand in the strength of your own authentic being utilizing your intuition, you stand in courageous action towards foundational, peaceful outcomes in how you may conduct your business or work, your relationships, hobbies, projects and endeavours.  It is my experience that when you choose to work with Spirit you open yourself to an immense capacity for joy, hope, love and peace to flourish in your life!  It’s pretty amazing, really.

"Awaken and engage YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF with clarity and courageous action!"