Coaching:  Facilitate the exploration of needs, motivations, desires, skills and thought processes to assist the individual in making real, lasting change.

As your coach, it is my job to create space and time for you to briefly rest, refuel, and refocus in a way that leaves you feeling loads of encouragement, support and greater confidence and clarity around your next step(s).  A coach also has an external viewpoint or widened lens through which to view your life and your endeavours and recognize sometimes the cycles and patterning’s of your life that are positive or a hindrance.  With this vantage point it is easier to help you adjust, release, or shift in order to reach your goal with greater ease, within your natural ability and with fluidity.  I help you awaken and engage your authentic self with clarity and courageous action.

My methods are a little different though…

Some therapists or life-coaches may provide you helpful, healthy habits to essentially help you reach your desired goals or outcomes and sometimes these types of actions are necessary in order for you to gain very valuable insights or awarenesses that will assist you down the road. This is great!  You still get to go from point A (where you are at now) to point B (where you wanna be).  But, more often than not, you still feel like crap getting from A ->B because you are essentially experiencing this transition as a chore, hard work, dragging your feet, whining, and complaining all the while.  Right?

What if I told you it doesn’t have to be this way?!

You could get from A->B with vigor, vitality, energy and even do it joyfully!

If you think I’m full of bull-hockey, then we’re probably not a good fit.  You might as well stop reading.

Believe it’s possible?  then stick around… it’s about to get real interesting!

In many cases, by listening to Intuition or “checking in” with Spirit, I can help weed out the root issue causing the anxiety or resistance within you and completely dissolve it.  GONE!  Done with that!  I believe the Divine is so very capable of addressing our deepest wounds and fears.  Do you?  I hope so, because when you release or heal these root issues, you become a new person in that moment.  And when you are new and different, it seems like those around you begin to treat you differently.  They may seem to hear you, get you, care about you in ways you hadn’t witnessed before.  OR in some cases, YOU may hear others better, and treat others differently because you are no longer REACTIVE or TRIGGERED by that issue that is now gone.  Are you curious?  …even a little bit?

Call me.

GET INTO YOUR FLOW!                     

I can’t wait to help.


"Awaken and engage YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF with clarity and courageous action!"