Inviting Spirit into the middle of things opens a wealth of resources to you!

When you meet Carrie, you quickly experience a sense of peace and calm that resonates from a deep reservoir of love.  Her devotion to understand the mind, body, spirit connection and eliminate anything that would block you from being your “Bestest” self is at the core of her work.   She gets down to business with genuine concern, straight-tuitiveness, a good sense of humor and action-packed encouragement…

Gifted with wisdom beyond her years she has a way of repackaging your big problems into bite size pieces.  It is her Spiritual Intuition and your permission however, that allows her to remove your personal barriers for success and facilitate a more peaceful transition for a wide variety of clients both in age, demographic, and need.  When you feel stuck, she gets inspired with creative solutions! As mentor and instructor, her sacred actions inspire, educate and encourage others to plant positive foundations for positive outcomes!

Carrie is passionate in sharing the tools that allow you to identify your deepest fears, doubts, or what she likes to call “adopted lies” and transform them into stepping stones toward joyful living.  Her pursuits in communication and leadership coupled with her education and experience in the healing & psychic arts has encouraged and supported leaders in our communities both locally and abroad.  An entrepreneur at heart she loves navigating her own work, but really enjoys playing with others.

" Invest in yourself and see how the rest of your life pays interest!

~ Carrie

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B. A. Speech & Communications : Graceland University 1997
Certified Mediator in Conflict Resolutions: Comm. Mediation Ctr., Inc. 1997
Ordained Minister: Community of Christ 1998
Non-Profit Leadership Certification: American Humanics, 2002
Reiki Master: 9 years working experience
Adjunct Instructor for Innovative Leadership : Graceland University- 5 years
Certified Yoga & Pilates Instructor: American Fitness & Prof. Assoc., 2006
Raindrop Technician (Therapeutic Oils): C.A.R.E. 2007
Adjunct Instructor for Stress Management: Graceland University 2009
Licensed Massage Therapist, U.S.A. : NCBTMB  5 years working experience
Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher 200: Mandorla Yoga Institute , Yoga Alliance 2010
Ropes Course Facilitator 2012-present :  YMCA Leadership & Challenge Center 

"Awaken and engage YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF with clarity and courageous action!"